COVID-19 Information – English

13. maj 2020 - nyheder

Updated: 10-12-20

Dear business partners,

At HauCon we keep a close eye on the development of the outbreak of the Corona/COVID-19 and we take our social responsibility serious, meaning that we take our precautions to prevent any potential effect on us, our families, our community and at HauCon and our business partners.

We follow the guidelines from the relevant authorities and have taken preventive steps internally as well as externally for the benefit of our common health and everyday life.

We continue to be ready at the phones from and we are again out on scheduled appointments 

At HauCon we continue to handle orders and our day-to-day business, even though the Coronavirus/COVID-19 unfortunately has made its entry in our society. We are doing everything we can, to maintain our high level of service and we are ready to help our customers as usual, whether it is over the phone or from our office in Lystrup.

Our stock is full, and logistics are on top, but with other challenges than usual

We have made sure to stock up on goods, and we continue to have a close dialogue with our suppliers as well as our forwarding agents. In some cases, longer delivery times can occur when it comes to custom items from our suppliers outside Denmark. I connection with the second phase of the reopening of Denmark, Danske Fragtmænd have notified us about possible delays on deliveries since a lot of businesses are opening again and restocking their warehouses. Otherwise logistics are as normal, with the challenges the current situation cause.

In this extraordinary time, we must mention our fantastic suppliers and business partners, who are all doing their very best to comply with all agreements, and furthermore we experience a high level of teamwork in our supply-chain across all tasks and borders.

We are ready to work, keep a polite distance and continue to handle goods and deliveries

As an extra precautionary measure, we have asked our warehouse staff to keep the recommended distance when servicing customers who come to pick up goods, when we deliver goods ourselves and when drivers come to unload their trucks. Furthermore, our warehouse staff will wear gloves and generally follow the recommendations from the relevant authorities.

Risk management has a high priority, and we try to be a step ahead concerning alternative solutions

We are doing everything we can, to work with a high level of risk management concerning our entire supply chain. We are very focused on fulfilling our obligations, and we are working hard to have alternative solutions and products ready, should it be necessary. For updates we refer to our website

Let us all stick together without being too close and follow the recommendations from the authorities

Naturally, we will continue to closely follow the Corona/COVID-19 situation and follow the recommendations from the relevant authorities and will of course follow any new recommendations and demands.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

HauCon A/S